Learning Styles Report

Whether you teach your children at home or support their efforts in school, the vital element in your children's educational success is your involvement.

As real parents, raising real kids, and running into real obstacles, we felt there had to be an easier way to educate kids. So for the last seven years we set out on a research and development journey to see if we could discover a way. Throughout those years there are several things that we have learned. Now, we would share with you the benefits of our research.

There are four major learning styles that all of us use to learn and retain information. They are Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic and Tactile-kinesthetic.

The Can Do Program is designed using a multi-sensory, multi-model approach. The techniques in it, are the best available for teaching any rote memorization. Because children vary in their preferred learning style, our program includes audio, visual, kinesthetic and tactile-kinesthetic activities. This way, your child will be using their preferred learning style, as well as their non-preferred learning style.

Auditory learners often need all the facts in place to learn. If you answer what for them they are happiest. These children like to be given an outline to follow, with things done properly and in order. They also enjoy hearing the facts vocalized.

Visual learners often need to know why. Generally, if they know why they need to know something, they will buckle down and learn it. They prefer to see the information. Their learning preference is satisfied because they see the facts.

The kinesthetic learners need to use their bodies in the learning process. They like to know how. Having your kinesthetic child incorporate movement keeps them content while they are seeing and listening to the information being presented.

The tactile-kinesthetic learner needs to write things down. They like to incorporate their fine motor skills. Workbooks appeal to the tactile-kinesthetic learners, as well as to complete the learning circle for all other types of learners.

It is important to use as many pathways to the brain as possible when teaching your children. Using several pathways dramatically increases the retention level of the information presented.

We have found that all parents face three basic obstacles that need to be overcome for effective education of their children, Time, Subject Mastery and Constructive Energy. This is why the Can Do DVD was developed, to help you overcome these obstacles.

Would you like to have more time? Of course you would, we all do. The Can Do Program is designed to help you utilize the time you have, as efficiently as possible. Giving you more time to do the things you really want to do.

Subject Mastery
This used to be referred to as the three R's. Reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic. If nothing else ever sinks in, these subjects have to be mastered. One of the main ways of mastering these facts is rote memorization. This can be done with charts, flash cards, speed drills and similar methods. All of these methods work, but, they can become tiresome, not only for you, but your kids as well. The Can Do Program overcomes that monotony. Combining multi-sensory activities makes learning fun and easy.

Constructive Energy
Kids usually have a lot more energy than we do. They need to wiggle and hop and jump. They like to play and laugh and smile. They like to see other kids playing and laughing and smiling.

However, in education there is an appropriate amount of time that children need to sit down and be serious about their studies. Just as beneficial, is the need for constructive physical activity, also known as recess. For busy parents like you, that may still have small children, or house work or dinner, or phone calls . . . a supervised recess sounds almost impossible! Not with the Can Do Program.

Using our research, development and testing, we designed the Can Do Program to effectively address all of these obstacles. Our DVD give your children directed physical exercise, a complete and enjoyable review of the facts being memorized, and best of all, it gives you extra time! Time you haven't had before.

As your kids work through the program encourage them to identify with one of the Can Do Kids. With repetition the information can be assimilated faster and easier. At the same time they are activating and developing the majority of their brain pathways. Learning can be fun and easy with the Can Do Program.

Making Learning Fun and Easy

There are a lot of educational resources available, on any subject you can think of. Most of them however, require your time to read the instructions and figure out how to teach that particular program to your kids. The Can Do Kids DVD is fun and easy. They need just a few minor instructions from you, and your children can easily follow the Can Do Kids, making learning fun and easy for your kids and you.

Each Can Do Kids DVD also gives an age-appropriate exercise demonstration while your kids learn facts at the same time. Coordination, introductory exercises and concepts from the Presidential Physical Fitness Awards program are all used in the Can Do Program.

When can you start? Right now! Regardless of your child's age, if they still need to know their basic facts, this is an easy way to help them. The kids in our DVD range from 4 to 18! If your kids are preschool age, they will enjoy looking up to the Can Do Kids. Who can use this? Everyone. Even learning challenged kids will greatly benefit. It is never too early or too late to start exercising and memorizing.